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The Importance of Feeding Backyard Birds

One of the best ways to enjoy wildlife in the comfort of your own home is to watch birds at your feeders. You’ll be amazed at the varieties of birds that will come to the feeders throughout the year. By offering different seed blends and placing different types of feeders at your feeding stations, you will be able to attract and support your local backyard birds. We specialize in bird seed blends that do not germinate. Feed the birds without adding weeding to your yard work to-do list. 

Available Bird
       Seeds & Sizes

non-sprouting seeds and blends

Patio Mix  5 and 20 lbs

Finch Mix  5 and 20 lbs

No-Mess Dove and Quail  20 lbs

Sunflower Chips  5 and 20 lbs

Nyjer  5 and 20 lbs

Shelled Peanuts  5 and 25 lbs

Whole Peanuts  3 and 25 lbs

Cracked Corn  5 lbs

whole seeds and blends

Exclusive Mix (Chickadee Chum) 5 lbs

White Millet 5 lbs

Deluxe 3-Way 5 and 20 lbs

Dove and Quail 5 and 20 lbs

Black-Oil Sunflower 4, 20, and 40 lbs

Safflower  5lbs

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